428 Dundas West, Toronto ON M5T 1G7

Tel: 416-916-8170


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Mon. - Sun.: 11:00am - 11:00pm



Title: LORD8/31/2013 2:54:08 PM
Salam its Lord i would like to email u a sponsorship sheet for a new mosque in Downtown Toronto. Could u send me ur email thank you LORD
Title: Absolute worst dining experience I've had in Chinatown7/21/2014 5:57:57 AM
The worst service I have ever received. I ordered 3 dishes and the server brought 4, one of which I didn't order, when I explained I didn't order this dish an argument broke out. He would not take the dish back and was very rude. The food was very greasy and the hot and sour soup I ordered was inedible. Instead of getting an apology for mistaking my order the waiter argued with me, it was unbelievable.Some of the dishes on my table were also very dirty and I've never felt more mistreated as a paying customer like this before.I initially came for the cheap beer, but regrettably decided to also order food. The food was well below my expectations and the way I was treated by the waiter has ensured I will NEVER come back to this restaurant again.
Title: Great7/2/2012 6:41:20 PM
This place is great.
Title: cheap beer, bad food!4/26/2015 5:21:28 PM
Went there on a Friday everything was great! Went back on Sunday and food was horrible!!! Couldn't even eat half of it! Way too much oil in the food! Fried rice was swimming in oil! Fried rice should have been called rice in oil! Don't go to eat the food, just drink there!
Title: Nope.3/3/2014 7:10:33 PM
you and your staff were unfriendly, rude, the place was filthy- I don't know how your business is still in operation.
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Title: mr.robin12/8/2013 7:22:02 PM
ah yes. the food was very good. very very very good. I liked it. i liked the food. it was nice. very nice. very good.......THANK YOU TEN MILE AROMA..........:)
Title: great11/8/2012 12:50:05 PM
the food is great £?i like it
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